About Us

Rene and Mary Hebers began Special Metal Fabricating in Edmonton in 1986. Given the local and provincial economic climate, it was not an optimum time to start a new business. Things were simpler back then, but more time consuming. The mornings were spent making sales calls, the afternoons were spent ordering material and the evening was used for production. Growth was slow and labour intensive, but measurable.


As our reputation grew for a shop that provides quality custom work in a timely manner, we got busier. And we were able to provide very competitive pricing because our overhead was so low. As time passed, we outgrew our old 4,000 sq.ft shop and moved into a new 12,000 sq.ft facility in the year 2001.


Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with staff that have a heart and vision for quality and integrity. They demonstrate daily that they are willing to put the customers’ needs ahead of their own. It’s not hard to find and keep customers when their metal fabricating requirements are handled by talented individuals.


The future is exciting for several reasons. We live in a vibrant province with an economy that other provinces and countries envy. We have a depth of knowledge that has come from over 28 years in business, and we can design and produce both long and short run metal components.


Mission/Vision Statement

For over 25 years we continue to work with our customers and staff to provide the highest quality products.  Our focus on Customer Service, Workmanship and Continuous Development is moulded through our core values of Integrity, Commitment and Team Work.


Building Success through Leadership, Training, and Accountability

Fabrication By Design